In this ridiculous Patent, "discloses" their "invention": Studio Arrangement. Their contribution to the industry? Taking a picture of an item on front of a white background. Approved by the USPTO March of 2014. THIS is a perfect piece of proof of the incompetence of the USPTO.

Now: Why do we care? Well, let's say that you decide to sell items online, or take any other action that might not want you to succeed in doing. If you ever have a picture of an item in front of a white background on your web site... you are subject to being sued by According to the United States Patent Office, they "own" the "idea"... because they "invented" it.

Now you should start to see the damage that results from the United States Patent System: Thanks to the gross, gross incompetence of the Patent Office, anyone that wants to have ammunition for frivolous lawsuits can easily obtain it from the USPTO, and then use it to sue anyone that... has a picture of an object in front of a white background. Or anything else for which an equally asinine patent has been granted.