Here, by the way, is an actual Space-X vertical landing test. Compare it to Amazons' crude cartoon above.

Should Amazon be able to sue Space-X for succeeding, because Amazon sent a cartoon in to the government first?

Now compare that Space-X engine above to Amazons' cartoon. THAT shows what the Patent System really is.

Below, we see a Patent Approved by for landing a rocket on a boat.

And a blueprint drawn by Wile-E-Coyote to drop an anvil on the Road Runner.

How different are these descriptions, actually? What is even the difference?

Should Warner Brothers' crude drawing mean that Warner Brothers can SUE all who drop weights on targets?

Should Amazons' crude drawing mean that they can SUE Space-X, or anyone that actually BUILDS a re-useable rocket?

And just because I want to show what ACTUAL work looks like, which Space-X is doing: Imagine building THIS: