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My name is Austin Meyer, and I wrote X-Plane and Xavion.

I am currently being sued by a company called Uniloc for putting my flight simulator X-Plane on the Google Play store. I am not being sued for WRITING X-Plane. I am being sued for USING THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE to distribute it!

You can see the lawsuit against me here, which has been going on for over three years now, and has subjected myself and my wife to tremendous financial cost, time expenditure, and stress.

Uniloc has sued countless other companies for Patent Infringement as well, but as you may guess from their site, they seem to create no goods or services that I can detect.

I went to 55 different businesses that filed patent-infringement lawsuits, and found that not even a single one of them was a real business. Click here to download the lawsuits and addresses of the 55 Patent Assertion "Businesses" that I went to. You can do your own net research, or road-trip, to check these results for yourself!