From ArsTechnica:

This is the "Description of Invention" that someone named Giuseppe Cuozzo actually patented: "wireing, lighting and progaming" that will "keep you for speeding or from geting a summons," and thus "will pay for its safe."

This half-wit babble was good enough for the Kaardal law firm, which told Cuozzo that "patent protection could potentially be obtainable for your invention."

This is the type of garbage that forms patents, and this should be no surprise, since those that CAN, DO, and those that CAN'T, file babbling patents instead.

Mouse over the REAL PATENTS menu hi-lighted above to see the type of non-sense our patent system actually is.

All of the absurd patents that pop up are real.

But why should you care?

Well, when these ridiculous patents are approved, their owner can then sue anyone in the world... for stealing "their" idea...

It's called Patent Trolling, and it happens all the time.