A shell company called Corydoras Technologies, LLC, is seems to hold a patent for a "Communication Device" "capable of being used for voice communication" that was approved by the United States Patent Office in 2010. Because of this, lawyers acting on Corydoras' behalf are suing Apple and Samsung for making phones.

Obviously, the price for this is dumped onto us every time we buy a phone.

if you don't believe me, you can see the patent and lawsuits below for yourself. When I spoke to the lawyers, whose names and numbers I got from lawsuits below, they hung up on me, refused my calls, or did not seem to understand their own client or patent. After I announced my name, Elizabeth L. DeRieux did not know if I was part of Corydoras. Otis W. Carroll said he was not the one to talk to about the patent and hung up on me. Can YOU figure out what is going on here? Do these lawyers actually believe that their client holds the patent for the telephone, approved by the United States Patent Office in 2010? And who is behind Corydoras?