My name is Austin Meyer, and I am being sued for PUTTING AN APP THAT I WROTE ON THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

One of the lawyers suing me, a man by the name of John Ward, is the SON of one of the recent Judges in his jurisdiction... a Judge that has handled a huge number of Patent-Trolling lawsuits in the same tiny jurisdiction in East Texas... never or almost never making Patent Trolls pay for the damage they do with their lawsuits.

Uniloc, the company that John Ward is representing, is owned by a parent company called the MARATHON PATENT GROUP.

This company, traded on the NASDAQ (stock ticker: MARA), MAKES ITS' MONEY ONLY BY SUING BUSINESS AND PEOPLE LIKE ME.


As of September of 2015, the Marathon patent Group has 662 patents, 119 “active defendants” (like me), and 101 trials projected through 2017.
They’ve made over 93 MILLION DOLLARS over the last 30 months from these lawsuits.
They just SUE the people create goods or services… people like myself.

Imagine running a business where you create no goods, but only sue those that do.

Imagine running a business that, for revenue, lists only the large number of people that you are SUING, and not a single person that actually chooses to be involved with you.

Imagine running a business that depends on the United States Patent Office continuously issuing stupid patents, and using that incompetence to sue countless small businesses that have never even heard of you until you sue them.

And companies like Uniloc and the Marathon Patent Group make this their core business.
The Marathon Patent Group, (NASDAQ: MARA), makes over $30 million dollars per year from this.
They call it “licensing revenue”.

So, that’s what’s happening to me right now, and above are a few hints at how big the problem really is.
But who ELSE is being sued?
I went to a local film crew and sought out a dozen or so others that have been sued for Patent Infringement and had their lives and businesses ruined in the process… and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE PEOPLE WE FOUND was a small business owner.

Every single one.

The documentary that I am finishing now is called “The Patent Scam”, and in it, I will bring you their stories.