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"The Patent Scam", the movie I am making about Patent Trolls!

So this is the email I got recently that starts to understand the Patent Scam:

Hi Austin,
I'm sure you already have a switched-on legal team behind you and I realize you have been at this for a few years and rightly so.  This matter to me appears to be based on injury through trespass/infringement of a arcane fictional legal construct (and not "lawful" by any means).  Therefore, to be answerable there needs to be a solid record of real injury and/or loss to the complaining entity.  If the entity does not/cannot produce anything and has no production cost in relation to the the patent it claims to have, then there cannot be any injury, there is no other trespass possible.  Probably old ground for you, but remember this, the highest law in such a matter is Equity Law.  You want a full accounting of the losses incurred.
I realize you are reaching back further to overturn the actual ridiculous patent, and I wish you all the success in that, you will set much needed precedents.  Just hope I may have planted a helpful seed here.
Kindest regards
Chris HT

Chris writes with the best of intentions, but has not quite grasped the core issue: You have to defend yourself in court to MAKE the points to the jury that Chris rightly points out above.

And the judges basically NEVER toss out the lawsuits... while their SONS handle the cases.

So you have to pay $3,000,000 to get to a jury trial.

And the jury might not care about anything that Chris just said.

So basically everyone just has to give the troll money... $314,000 is the average settlement.

THAT'S the scam. THAT'S the Patent Scam.


My legal fees are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I am overturning Unilocs' patent little by little, so any money you give will go towards destroying their ability to sue other people based on the same flimsy excuse.

So your contribution will help stop this non-sense to some small degree in the future.