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Laminar Research

South Carolina, USA

Sued by: UNILOC

Creator of X-PLANE

About Austin Meyer

Austin Meyer is a pilot that built his own airplane and flies around the country enjoying his love of aviation and travel. Utilizing his passion for aviation and his skills of computer programming, he pioneered a flight simulator called X-Plane for Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. X-Plane allows pilots practice flying safely in all aircraft types, and allows engineers enter the design of any proposed aircraft to see how it flies in the simulator, therefore teaching them what will happen before they build and fly the actual airplane.


Austin also created Xavion: An iPad and iPhone App that presents an image of the cockpit of a modern airplane on the iPad or iPhone, driven by the pads or phones internal sensors. If the instruments in the real airplane fail, then the pilot can continue flying by looking at the instrument panel drawn on his iPhone or iPad. Three pilots, two carrying passengers, have already had instrument failures in clouds or darkness, and used Xavion to continue flight safely. Xavion guides the airplane down to a runway to land safely after an engine failure.

Stradale: A driving simulator with more realistic physics than any other driving simulator.

Austin produced The Patent Scam, a full-length documentary on patent trolling, to debut this August in many video-on-demand services.

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