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BlueWave Computing

Georgia, USA

Sued by Project Paperless


About Dr Steven Vicinanza

Steven Vicinanza

Steven Vicinanza is the Founder and CEO of BlueWave Computing in Georgia.  Vicinanza earned a doctorate in management at Carnegie Mellon University where he developed artificial intelligence applications to problems in the economics of software engineering and constraint-based production scheduling. He is also a speaker, author and educator who has written for adjudicated academic publications and industry magazines, and has taught computer science at Georgia Tech.  Vicinanza received a demand letter for $100,000 from Project Paperless to cover the cost per employee for the use of the scanners within his business.  In the prior 15 years of business BlueWave Computing had never been a part of any lawsuit.  Vicinanza did not adhere to the demand letter and Project Paperless filed a lawsuit.  Vicinanza was told by his lawyer that it may cost him a couple of million dollars to fight the lawsuit in lieu of paying the fee that Project Paperless had demanded.  Vicinanza did not care and decided the right thing to do was to stand up to the patent trolls.  He invested money to do a prior art search and even hired an attorney to file third-party complaints against four of the companies that actually manufactured the scanners - Xerox, Canon, Hewlett-Packard, and Brother. 


Two weeks after he filed the third-party complaint, Project Paperless dropped its lawsuit. No settlement, no deal—they just went away. Vicinanza is currently the CEO of Cirrity in the Greater Atlanta Area.  

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