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The Web Freaks, INC

Florida, USA

Sued by: Overtone Labs, INC

iDrumTech Drum Tuner App

About Eric Rosebrock

Eric Rosebrock

Eric Rosebrock is a United States Air Force Combat Veteran of nine years. He served in conflicts such as Operation Iraqi Freedom in support of 9/11 post-operations, and flew support missions for Afghanistan and several other European based operations. After his military service in 2003, he started his own tech company - The Web Freaks, INC -  offering server web hosting to companies around the world.


Eric is a twice published author for John Wiley & Sons publishing (formerly Sybex Publishing) in the Internet Technology field. In addition to his work, Eric is also a drummer and a musician. Following his passion for music and software, he developed a Drum Tuning app in 2013 for musicians to help dial in their drum frequencies and maintain a consistent sound. His app, called “iDrumTech” was a hit and became a top app on the Google Play store for Android, and was one of the top five apps on iTunes for the Music Category.


Shortly after publishing his app, he was sued for Patent Infringement over the “method” of accomplishing a mathematical result and detecting a frequency from a drum, much like a guitar tuner does for a guitar. The resulting litigation forced Eric to cease and desist, remove all references of his app and his work from the app stores, social media, and the web, and abandon his 80,000+ users who were using his app. Since then, Eric remains apprehensive about transforming his ideas into software that can benefit the population due to fears of being sued again over any of the vast array of method patents issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office.


He still aspires to live in a world where he can develop software to make the world a better place without the fear of being sued and having his creations stripped away over method patents. Eric is now part of a documentary on the U.S. Patent System called “The Patent Scam” set to release in early 2017.

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