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Sterling, VA

Sued by

Lodsys Group, LLC

White Noise Developer

About Todd Moore

Todd Moore is the Founder & CEO of TMSoft, LLC in Virginia.  Moore is also the Founding Director of Application Developers Alliance - Working to help the direction mobile platforms are taking and the government policies that are quickly trying to shape the industry. Focused on issues with the patent system and mobile app consumer privacy.   Patent reform has always been a focus for Moore, but increasingly so once his company TMSoft which is the developer of the popular app White Noise was presented with a lawsuit in 2013 by Lodsys.   The lawsuit stated that Moore and TMSoft presumably violated their patent that basically described the act of using a hyperlink within the White Noise app.   


Moore believe that this was a personal attack from when he called out Lodsys as a "patent troll" in 2011 during his Tech411 Podcast.  Moore decided to not pay and took Lodsys to trial where the lawsuit was overturned.  

Todd Moore
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