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Sued by AGIS Inc

Co-Founder / President

About Alex Haro

Alex Haro is Co-Founder and President of Life360, the world’s largest Family Network serving over 50 million families. Alex studied computer science at Pomona College/Harvey Mudd and is a lover of all things digital. Prior to taking on the role of President, Alex was CTO and was responsible for driving the development of Life360’s technology platform.

Alex Haro and his partner Chris Hulls received an aggressive patent demand letter in May 2014 from Advanced Ground Information Systems (AGIS) stating they needed to pay “royalty-bearing license” to its four patents, or Life360 and its customers would have to “cease and desist” from infringement. Life360’s response most certainly got AGIS’ attention:

Dear Piece of Shit,

We are currently in the process of retaining counsel and investigating this matter. As a result, we will not be able to meet your Friday deadline. After reviewing this matter with our counsel, we will provide a prompt response.

I will pray tonight that karma is real, and that you are its worthy recipient,


On the following Friday, Life360 was sued. The lawyers attached Hull’s “Dear Piece of Shit” letter as an exhibit. Life360 did not back down and had just received a round of funding for 50 million dollars and had their day in court. After one week of trial, jurors deliberated for 5 hours and found that Life360 had not infringed upon AGIS’ patents. This was a win for Life360 even though the patents were not overturned.

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